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Annual Report collection


Annual Report collection

Annual report is the principal document used by most companies to disclose corporate information to their clients or shareholders. The National Library houses both retrospective and current annual reports of public and private corporations in Mauritius. The Annual Report Collection comprises of over 4,000 reports (annual reports, prospectuses and financial statements) of some 150 corporations. This Collection is useful for economists, sociologists, historians and students as corporate annual reports are among the most valuable documents in understanding the history of a company. Bibliographical information of the annual reports are available on our OPAC system.

Some of the annual reports (among others) available at the National Library are as follows:

  • Ciel Group
  • Harel Mallac
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute
  • Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Mauritius Telecom
  • Ministries
  • Parastatal Bodies
  • State Bank of Mauritius Ltd
  • University of Mauritius
Annual Report on Education 1901Annual Report on Education 1901

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