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China Corner Collection


China Corner Collection

The China Corner was launched in April 2017. Earlier it used to be called under the name “Window of Shanghai”. The China Corner is an open access collection housed in the Search Room of the National Library for the users. The China Corner was established in the National Library to promote the inter-library exchanges between the National Library of China, Shanghai Public Library, Nanjing Municipal Library and Chong Qing Library.  These libraries have donated many books to the National Library of Mauritius, especially for the younger generation who may learn about Chinese history, culture and social development, and strengthen link between the two countries.

The collection is catalogued in conformity with bibliographical standards Rules (AACR2), Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).  The collection also includes books on different subjects such as arts, people, economy, literature, philosophy, folk traditions and history to nature, cookery, Chinese medicine, health and architecture. The China holdings comprise some 3, 056 books as at date.  

Window on Shanghai CollectionWindow on Shanghai Collection

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