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Médiathèque - multi media library


Médiathèque / multi media library

The Multi Media Library collection of the National Library comprises of non-print materials such as audio-cassettes, video tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, CD ROMs, discs and vinyls. These audiovisual materials cover a wide range of subjects such as educational programs produced by the Mauritius College of the Air, séga music and dance, Bhojpuri music and dance, religious music and songs, theatre, history and IMF, EU and UN publications. Users can access the Audiovisual Collection in the Search Room of the National Library.

The National Library acquires local audiovisual materials mainly through legal deposit regulations. Any producer of  non-print material such as microfilms, sound or visual recordings, multimedia kits, published scripts of plays that are publicly performed or publicly offered for sale, shall deposit with the director six copies of the material within thirty days of the day on which such material was publicly performed or offered for sale.

The Multi Media Collection of the National Library consists of some 10,686 non-print materials :

  • Audio Tapes : 1,118
  • Video Tapes  : 3,177
  • CD/VCD/CD-ROM/DVD :  6, 391
  • Total as at date : 10,686
 Local Multi Media Production

Médiathèque/Multi Media Library UnitMédiathèque/Multi Media Library Unit

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