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Staff list


Staff list as at January 2023



Mrs Belinda Toolsee K. Ramnauth

Post held


Mr Premchand Hauroo

Senior Librarian

Dr. (Ms) Marie Lourdes Helena Tara Lam


Mrs Anusha Bundhun Muhun

Administrative Secretary

Mrs Chintamani Devi Sahadew

Senior Library Officer

Mr Mooneswarsingh Mathoorasing

Senior Accounts Officer

Mrs Veena Suggoona

Library Officer

Mrs Coumaravadee Curoopen

Library Officer

Mrs Nassim Bibi Meer-Hossen

Library Officer

Mrs Kheemah Ganga

Library Officer

Miss Vanessa Sellapillay

Library Officer

Ms Bhamini Mandhub

Accounts Officer

Mr Kamless Narain

Information, Research and Documentation Officer

Mr Jeyssen Pyneandee

Senior Library Clerk

Mrs Yovana Calingen Sunassee

Assistant Procurement & Supply Officer

Mrs Marie Doris Chantal Henry

Ag. Confidential Secretary

Ms Iswaree Lochun

Ag. Office Supervisor (on a one-year leave without pay with effect from 21st June 2024)

Ms Luxmi Greedharry

Library Clerk

Mrs Jemila Ramlochund Dajee

Ag. Management Support Officer

Mr Ashvin Appadoo

Senior Binder

Mr Edwin Guito Appareil


Mr Niraj Nathoo


Mr Balkissoon Ardjoon

Senior Library Attendant

Mr Poobarlen Cunniappen

Driver / Office Attendant

Mr Suryadutt Manick

Driver / Office Attendant

Mr Andrew Dean Rocves

Library Attendant

Mrs Bibi Parveen Korim

Library Attendant

Mr Ramesh Mohabeer

Library Attendant

Mr Avishan Deehoo

General Worker

Ms Farheen Bibi Shazia Sunnooman (On 1 Year Leave Without Pay with effect from 15th April 2024)

Library Attendant

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